Aujourd’hui, je visite le groupe de conversation française


Aujourd’hui, je visite le groupe de conversation française. Le groupe dispose d’une rencontre avec les étudiants. Langue française ce n’est pas facil. J’éprouve un petit problème avec l’accent.

Paris (192)

Today I had the pleasure of attending a conversation group for French learning. It was fun and challenging at the same time. Learning a new language is not easy. This can pose a challenge when you are an adult learner because patterns of communicating in one language has developed over time. With that said, my challenge is always returning to my native English when I cannot find the right words to say.  The experience made me value the aspect of teaching as I recognized the impending challenge the new speakers were having.

First, the moderator was not present when the event began and the stragglers began introducing themselves to strangers, “Pardon, Je cherche le groupe de conversation Française?” Eventually, the group got started and I was happy to introduce myself and mention where I was from. Somehow between my French and English interspersed between sentences, I was able to convey thought and expression. All changed when the French natives walked into the room. We were all speechless. They were like Superheroes coming to perfect our language. Unfortunately, those with less vocabulary shunned to speak. All of the verbs and nouns I learned in my text were speedily flipping in my mind as I conjured up a few sentences to sound intelligent.  Unfortunately, moderation here was not impactful.

In the end I was appreciative of the conversation, and left with my French audio lesson playing as I drove home.


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