From Fear to Focus Part I: Appreciate the Thorny Rose



From Fear To Focus
Dr. Allana Da Graca

We have all had moments in our lives when something shakes our core. This can be indicative of hearing negative news, receiving a diagnosis, failing at a particular goal and more. In the moment of a shift in our experience we have a decision to buy into the emotions of either trigger. For example, one may get a report from the Doctor and feel a strong level of hopelessness. Subsequent thought patterns of doom and gloom begin to manifest and the person begins to doubt their purpose, effectiveness and strategy. Now I am not saying that life challenges are not bothersome, but they do not have to overtake our emotions. Yesterday I was gardening and stopped to look at the rose bush. The blooms were not present and spiders had nestled into the branches making webs of prey. Yet I laughed inwardly because I was aware that a fresh rose would soon overcome the web that was created for the spider.

The rose bush was beautiful but branches were full of thorns. If one were to fall on a rose bush there would be a need for a lot of band aids. The thorns of this beautiful bush are very bothersome and annoying. In life we may have thorns in our lives that are indicative of health challenges, job loss, relational challenges and more but our life can still be beautiful. We may not see the bloom of all things we desire but through unending faith we may behold the beauty we know we have been longing for. The rose is beautiful but if I do not water it and supply it with a strong strong foundation it may wither and deteriorate. Once I focus on taking care of the plant by offering the nourishment it needs I am able to appreciate the rose for what it is when it blooms.

I recently read a verse from Psalms 34 in the Bible. It mentions to the reader to look upward with a radiant face. Indeed, how can we be down inwardly when we can grasp the beauty of the sun? How can we be sad when we think about the species of birds that are commissioned to sing in various intonations that speak to the essence of nature? How can we look down, when we can see the army of ants going about to build their territories on the earth? How can we question purpose, when millions of people have unique fingerprints that are distinct from each other? There are no words to express the awesome creation of ocean and all of the life cycles that manifest within them.

When we keep our eyes in view of what is most important we can always see ABOVE what appears to be a challenge and persist beyond the unknown. We can forge ahead with clear eyes because we know that a perceptive mind that is open for new challenge can also overcome the present day obstacles.

Truly, I was grateful.


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