Summer Series Wellness Blogs: Meditation


Dr. Allana Da Graca

Everyone knows when they need a break. Here are all of the signs.  You may tell yourself that you will rest when you can find time to get it into your schedule.  You may elect to begin a new regime and then fall off the wagon after 10 days.  You may boost your desires by declaring to your friends some of your new weight loss goals.  With that in mind, one has to consider professional and personal areas of life that also get our undivided attention.  This Summer I have decided to do a summer series on everything related to my personal journey to a more balanced life.

When I taught Secondary School I would guide my students in a process called visualization/relaxation to boost their relaxation during the time of finals.  I thought this may be perceived as corny because the class looked like a Yoga studio after all of the mats were placed on the floor.  I would have students lay on the floor floor and guide them through breathing routines to get them less stressed. With a calming voice I would say, “Now with your eyes closed I would like you to breathe in with your pace at seven seconds .One…Two…Three etc..Image

”  The entire class would be still of twenty students looking like they still needed to catch the early bust for school.   It is interesting that the students found this process amazing and they would often ask me to do this when they new a big test was coming up.

Although I did this for the class, I took for granted this process of doing it in my personal time.  This week I went on YouTube and found a great guided visualization activity that I could do from home. The host guided me through the process of leaving my troubles behind but the teacher in me could not help but to analyze the process of his voice instead of participating! I caught myself and said, “Allana, turn the  teacher off and just BE!”

After I elected to be a participant in the process, I found that I had dozed to sleep intermittently.  I was amazed at how rested I felt after this thirty minute activity.

I hope you can find some time this week to pause from the daily rigor of life.


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