Dr. Allana Da Graca Bio

Dr. Allana Da Graca holds a Doctorate in Education (Professional Studies) from Capella University. She received a Master’s Degree in Communication with a specialization in New Media from Emerson College. Dr. Da Graca has served as a freelance professional and radio host for notable media conglomerates. She has served on various panels pertaining to community advocacy and diversity awareness. For the past seventeen years, Dr. Da Graca has taught a variety of public speaking and theatre courses at the High School, and University Level. For ten years she directly assisted a non-profit in using arts and communication techniques to foster retention and academic success. Currently she teaches a variety of communication courses (Mass Media, Intro to Comm, Social Media, Group Comm) as an online instructor at Walden University. She is the recipient of the Robert C. Ford Fellowship, Martin Luther King Leadership BHCC Award, and the Chahara Foundation Award. Her focus as an educator is to help adult learners with professional development with respect to they way in which they communicate in personal and professional settings. In addition to this, Dr. Da Graca has an passion for civic engagement with communities and organizations that foster the development of self-esteem and persistence in young girls and women.

Graduation cap and textbooks


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  1. Franck Ebang says:

    You are indeed and inspiring figure Dr. Da Graca.

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